Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

//Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

When an Automobile Accident Attorney Needs to be Consulted

If the only damage that was done in a car accident was damage to property, you probably won’t need an attorney’s help. Either the other driver’s insurance carrier or your own insurance provider should be able to either replace or repair your car. But if you have suffered an injury in an automobile wreck, then you will more than likely need the assistance of a skilled and seasoned accident attorney in order to get the fair restitution you deserve. There are a number of red flags that should be an immediate indication that you will require legal representation. These include:car accident attorneys

Soon after the accident, the driver who was at fault becomes aggressive or refuses to cooperate.

You are presented with insurance information by the other driver, but it is from an insurance carrier you’ve never heard of.
The other driver’s insurance company launches a barrage of questions in your direction and insists that your conversation be put on the record.
The insurance company offers you a settlement before either the extent of your injuries has been established or all of the facts of the case have been determined.
You either have no insurance or are under-insured, and do not otherwise have the means to pay for medical care (our attorneys, however, can help you get the medical attention you need with a payment plan you can afford).
The insurance company does not offer you a rental car in a timely manner.personal injury law
The settlement offered by the insurer does not compensate you adequately for the damage your car has sustained.
You get a bad feeling regarding either the at-fault driver or that driver’s insurance company during any part of the compensation process.

The accident lawyers with Our Law Office have been handling personal injury claims regarding automobile accidents for two decades. During that time, we’ve encountered myriad stories concerning unscrupulous drivers and insurance carriers that take advantage of injury victims uninitiated in the legal process. If you contact us, you can be assured that your legal rights will be protected by a group of effective, experienced lawyers.

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