Personal Injury Law – Wrongful Death

//Personal Injury Law – Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Law – Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Law – Wrongful Death

What Surviving Family Members Must Know if their Loved one Suffered Wrongful Death as a Passenger in an Auto Wreck

We’s mentioned the large damage awards that often find their way to the surviving family members who have lost a loved one in a commercial trucking accident. Experienced personal injury lawyers thoroughly appraise every case to maximize its potential value in filing a wrongful death claim on behalf of surviving family members after the wrongful negligence-related death has occurred. There are two primary reasons for this. The plaintiff’s lawyer must win full and fair financial compensation to the deceased’s family and prevent such future accidents by bringing charges against all negligent parties that will inspire them never to let something like this happen again. Surviving family members in wrongful death lawsuits can win damages for accident victims who do not die. More on this website

Supplementary wrongful death damages that are rightfully due to the surviving family members whose loved one dies may also be due to them, such as funeral expenses, their family member’s pain and suffering as well as that being suffered by the surviving family members. In Texas, only spouses, children, parents, and, in rare cases, dependent siblings are allowed to seek wrongful death damages in most personal injury cases. The closest living relative may pursue survival damage compensation, with the spouse typically being the first one who can rightfully claim such damages. If no spouse (in most cases, ex-spouses cannot file), the right to file for survival damages then passes to the children (oldest first). If there are no living children, the next in line are the deceased victim’s parents and, finally, fellow siblings. A wrongful death suit is the only way to bring those who caused the death of your loved one to full civil justice. This is why you need assistance from an experienced wrongful death commercial trucking accident lawyer to win the fair compensation you seek through a settlement or a civil trial.

Self-Insured Businesses Represent a Sinister Threat to Your Just Compensation

Some trucking companies protect against personal injuries from accidents by setting aside a percentage of their assets to pay accident claims rather than purchase a coverage policy from an insurance carrier. Though federal and state governments monitor the insurance industry, license adjusters, and hold insurance companies to ethical standards as best they can, no regulations exist for self-insured businesses and trucking companies. Seeking compensation from these “self-insured” firms can be far more difficult and, at times, extremely chaotic. You most likely will be forced to attempt to settle your claim with an officer of the company instead (and probably an attorney that the company hired). Typically, this company officer’s salary is tied directly to company profits. Any amount paid to you for an injury comes directly from the company coffers, meaning that when the company’s officer decides on your compensation, he or she is taking money out of their own pocket. So we’re never surprised how low a self-insured company officer might stoop to deny your claim and protect the company’s assets. Self-insured companies have been known to destroy evidence that proves your claim, bribe witnesses, and even physically intimidate their victims. Before they hired us, some intimidation attempts were directed at our clients. This is why every time our attorneys are hired against a liable self-insured party; the first action we take is to prevent anyone with the company from behaving unsuitably toward our clients. Often, we are forced to demand that they completely refrain from communicating with our clients unless one of our attorneys is present.

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