Wrongful Death Attorneys From our Law Office are Ready to Help You

//Wrongful Death Attorneys From our Law Office are Ready to Help You

Wrongful Death Attorneys From our Law Office are Ready to Help You

The Wrongful Death Lawyers From our Law Office are Ready to Help You

Wrongful death lawsuits are quite complex, and when they involve construction accidents, even more so. This is not the type of lawsuit you should attempt to file alone without legal representation. You need to enlist an experienced, competent attorney into the fray because workers’ comp insurance is very complex in these cases and can make the process much more involved. Overall, your case will be held to a higher standard of proof if the victim’s employer was a workers’ comp subscriber because you will have to convince a jury the defendant was grossly negligent in the death of your loved one.

Did You Know?

Our Texas attorneys have won hundreds of construction accident cases. Call us today to discuss your case.

In addition, trench collapse accidents frequently involve multiple defendants because of the use of defective equipment to build or reinforce a trench on the worksite. In this scenario, in addition to the wrongful death suit filed against your loved one’s employer, you will also be filing a product liability suit. This is a separate claim that must be filed using entirely different legal techniques. For those without extensive legal experience, this process could easily become overwhelming.

For over two decades, the legal wrongful death professionals at our Law Offices have been helping families pursue justice in construction accidents that took the life of their loved one. We will conduct an extensive investigation at the accident scene to determine precisely what occurred and who was responsible. We’ll then build a comprehensive lawsuit and bring charges against all liable parties to hold them accountable for their negligent actions. We’ll do everything we can to secure a fair settlement for you.

Our legal firm knows how to interact with insurance adjusters and converse with juries. We have handled hundreds of on-the-job accident cases and trench collapse mishaps. We are very familiar with Texas injury law and workers’ compensation insurance and its intricacies, so are not surprised by new developments. Insurance companies are familiar with our reputation and successful track record and often cooperate fully with our settlement demands so they don’t have to face our attorneys in court later. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls many fall into and help you secure the justice you seek. If you’ve lost someone you love in a trench collapse accident or other work-related accident, don’t allow those responsible for going unpunished. Call our trench collapse attorneys for a free consultation. Our wrongful death lawyers can help you get the compensation you are entitled to and the justice you deserve so that you can move ahead with your life.

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