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//Contact our Car Accident Attorney Today

Contact our Car Accident Attorney Today

Contact our Car Accident Attorney Today

Have you or a family member been involved in a serious car accident? If so, you need to speak with an experienced auto accident attorney. Unfortunately, a serious car wreck can lead to a host of expenses, injuries, and legal issues that ultimately threaten your way of life. Seasoned car accident lawyers can help you confront those challenges and deal with them in the most positive manner.

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Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the United States. More than six million auto accidents occur in the United States every year. Of those accidents, 2.9 million people are injured and more than 42,000 people are killed. These accidents may cause personal injury, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and physical disfigurement for the victim. Car accidents may often cause financial hardship for the victim’s family. In tragic instances, car accidents may also lead to wrongful death. More on this website

All too often, victims and their families are short-changed by large corporate interests. Larger insurers who represent trucking companies, heavy machinery operators, and even governmental entities responsible for the construction and maintenance of our highways are even tougher to deal with. Experienced car accident attorneys are not intimidated by these large powerful interests. Instead, they fight for victims’ rights by taking the large corporate interests to court if necessary. Additionally, car accident lawyers can help you understand some of the most common causes of car collisions in your area.
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Contact an experienced car accident lawyer today to learn about your rights. You may be entitled to compensation or additional protections under the law. Our Car Accident Attorneys can help you understand the following car accident-related issues:

Our Car Accident Lawyers will “Level the Playing Field” – How can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You?
A car accident attorney primarily performs five functions: (1) they ensure you receive proper medical care, (2) they assist you in assessing property damage and the repair of your car, (3) they negotiate on the client’s behalf, (4) they can file lawsuits and defend claims in court, and (5) they advise clients of their rights in the face of uncertainty. A car accident potentially brings all five of these functions to the forefront.

Proper Medical Care: When a car accident occurs, even a fender bender, the body is tossed around in the cab of the car. Medical science has proven the body sustains physical injury even when you are wearing your seatbelt. Oftentimes, immediately after an accident, people do not think they are injured and, after exchanging information, they go to where they were heading. Not until a couple of days later do they begin to experience pain. This pain is usually caused by some trauma to the musculoskeletal system in the human body. These are typically called orthopedic injuries to the back and/or neck. In a more serious accident, physical injuries are readily apparent. In either case, a car accident lawyer will make sure you go to the proper doctor to get proper medical care.

Car Property Appraisals: In today’s dollars, even a fender bender can run into thousands of dollars in property repair. Car insurance companies are notorious for trying to save as little as $50 on a property damage assessment, because, to them, saving $50 times thousands of accidents results in more profits for their shareholders. Getting every penny for your property damage is one of the goals of your car accident attorney.

Negotiation: All too often, car insurance companies and corporate interests deny covering losses that they know their insured is responsible for; or they try to short-change unsuspecting victims by tricking them into prematurely settling their claims. When you are unrepresented, the insurance company tries these tactics and, unfortunately, in most cases they are successful. Moreover, without a car accident lawyer representing you, the negotiation process is rather one-sided; meaning the insurance adjusters are well-schooled in the negotiation process in comparison to an unsuspecting injured victim. With an experienced car accident lawyer on your side, these tactics will not work. By hiring a car accident law firm, victims place a buffer between themselves and the auto insurance company and auto insurance adjuster. Your car accident attorney will be well versed in the art of negotiation and the process changes quickly when your injury attorney sends a letter of representation to the insurance company.

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