Do You Need an Experienced Texas Auto Accident Lawyer?

//Do You Need an Experienced Texas Auto Accident Lawyer?

Do You Need an Experienced Texas Auto Accident Lawyer?

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Do You Need an Experienced Texas Auto Accident Lawyer? Be Wary of Any of These Scenarios if They Occur After Your Wreck

In most instances, it takes a Texas personal injury lawyer to assure that accident victims recover the full worth of their medical bills, pain, suffering, and damages to their vehicle and its contents if liability for the accident is contested. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident and coverage level, a reasonably intelligent accident victim may be able to handle their claim without the assistance of an attorney. So below, we’ll discuss the instances where achieving a full recovery for your total damages is best served with the assistance of an experienced Texas auto accident attorney. More on this webpage

You’ve Suffered Bodily Harm in the Wreck

If you suffered any physical injury in your accident, you should have an experienced Texas auto accident lawyer handle your claim. A good rule of thumb is whether or not you need to see your doctor after being treated for your injuries in an emergency room or your physician sends you to some other healthcare specialist to continue your medical treatment. When you seek damages for bodily injuries, insurance companies don’t have to abide by any pre-existing guidelines when deciding how much to pay you. By their very nature, insurance companies are more about premiums than claims. They can arbitrarily choose to pay you nothing by default and tell you to sue them. A sad fact of civil law is that no one automatically owes you anything. You have to make them pay — the first benefit of having a lawyer who is looking out for your interests regarding your claim. If you’ve suffered broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, or any other injury in your wreck, do the smart thing and call a reputable attorney quickly.

The Other Driver is Hard to Deal With

It’s also a good idea to call an auto accident attorney if the driver who hit you gives you a hard time either at the scene of the wreck or later or if that other driver doesn’t want to provide you with his contact or insurance information. A hard time is never good. Belligerent accident “victims” usually have something to hide, either from the law or their insurance company. When this happens, it’s an early clue that he’ll make it as difficult as possible for you to recover what you deserve. If you encounter such a driver, you need to seriously consider hiring a lawyer or at least have a serious conversation with one.

The Insurance Company Pressures You to Settle Your Claim or Harasses You

It can be challenging to negotiate with insurance companies. They take up a lot of your time if you don’t have an experienced attorney on your side. Insurance companies are out to protect their interests at your expense, which involves collecting premiums and paying out as little as necessary. They’ll use adjusters to try to find ways to deny your claims. These adjusters may call you repeatedly, asking innocent-sounding questions about your accident. Their inquiries may seem proper. But these contacts are usually calculated to induce you to say something that could be used against you to deny your claims. Whatever you say to them will probably be recorded and could come back to haunt you as evidence against your claim in the future.

Our accident injury clients have learned that the best way to deal with insurance adjusters is to not deal with them. Adjusters don’t call our clients. We make them call us instead. When adjusters can’t talk to you, they can’t twist your words around and use what you innocently say against you. More on this webpage

Many other times, an insurance company usually pressures you to settle your lawsuit for less than your claim is worth: sometimes much less! We believe accepting a fair settlement can be beneficial for you. But accepting an unfair settlement can be devastating for your legal rights when you take a settlement offer, your right to sue the defendant for more compensation in the future ends. It’s important not to accept an offer unless it’s fair and meets all your financial needs. The only way to determine a fair settlement from an insurance company that wants to victimize you is with the assistance of an auto injury attorney with our Law Firm.

Insurance companies’ strategy is to entice accident victims with small amounts of fast cash that might get them back to even. But what if that’s not the end of your expenses? You know it’s not the end of your financial obligations or recovery. Settlements you accept from an insurance company before you have a lawyer on your side never benefit you in the long run. But they’re almost always binding. Don’t let the defendant’s insurance company get away with paying you less than your case deserves.

You Can’t Afford to See a Doctor or Pay your Medical Bills

Even if an accident victim might have some healthcare coverage, the odds become less and less every day that their treatment needs will be sufficient to cover them. If they have such coverage, many are reluctant to get treatment for their injuries because they don’t think they can afford to take off of work that they’ll need to see a doctor. Or maybe they have higher-than-normal deductibles which preclude even using their health insurance to treat their accident-related injuries.

Seeing a doctor and getting treatment for your injuries after an accident is not only essential to your health, it’s necessary for your injury claim or lawsuit. If you can’t afford treatment, or if you already have medical bills that you can’t pay, there’s probably something that we can do to help. We regularly work with doctors and healthcare professionals and can refer you to the right one who will consider your situation. We have helped many of our clients receive vital medical care after an auto accident at no initial out-of-pocket cost to them. We can explain how the time you take off from work for treatment may be included in the damage compensation owed to you by the defendant in your case.

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